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NEFOC works with members of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials (EAIFO) Empire Chapter to officiate games in two of the NY NCAA Division III college football leagues, the Empire 8 and Liberty League. Many officials that have joined our group at the Division III Level have advanced to Division II, Division I and the NFL.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the Preliminary Applications below and send them to the email addresses listed on the forms. If accepted, you will benefit from exceptional training by our officiating partners from the NEFOC as well as NCAA FBS and NFL.

If you’d like to learn more about the level of officiating, read on or if you’re not sure of something, you can contact us to ask a specific question.


NEFOC is always looking for new members, and there is more work than just on-the-field.

  • On-field Officials
  • Electronic Clock Operators

If you would like to be an on-field official with the NEFOC, you should be a current high school or college official with several years of experience.  Clock operators need not be active officials, but previous football officiating experience is desired.


Meetings typically begin in late-April for officials and currently align with the EAIFO meeting schedule.  They are usually every 2-3 weeks and are typically over Zoom.  There are some (~3) chapter-wide joint meetings, including a full-day clinic, and those are typically held at Hobart College.


The move up to the collegiate level of officiating brings higher demands.

  • Time – There is significantly more travel involved as well as being required to be on-site to games earlier than you may be used to.
  • Quality – You will be more scrutinized at the college level. This would include watching game film of yourself and others, tracking fouls, and being graded and evaluated weekly to help officials improve.
  • Self Improvement – The expectation is that you are always trying to improve and grow your rule knowledge and mechanics. Taking tests and attending clinics is expected of our officials.

Varsity games are on Saturdays and you may not get assigned them early on but depending on need there may be opportunities. JV games are on Sundays, and as a new official it’s expected you work as many JV games as your schedule allows.


College officials wear almost the same uniform as High School officials with exception of

  • NCAA Shirts – NCAA logo and position placard
  • Black bean bags


  • NEFOC Dues
  • NCAA / CFO Dues
  • Regional Chapter (EAIFO) Dues