The Northeast Football Officiating Consortium is a Division III officiating group formed in 2016 by NFL Umpire Bill Schuster. We proudly service the Liberty League and Empire 8 conferences in New York State. We have approximately 90 on and off-field officials primarily comprised of members of the Empire Chapter of the EAIFO.


Bill Schuster


Ric Hamblin

Associate Supervisor, Grader

Mark Kluczynski

Position Mentor - Referee Trainer, Grader

Keith Vaverchak

Position Mentor - Umpire Trainer

John Swartz

Position Mentor - LOS Trainer, Grader

BJ Henry

Position Mentor - LOS Trainer

Bob Bittner

Position Mentor - Back Judge Trainer, Grader

Steve Verbridge

Position Mentor - Deep Wing Trainer, Grader

Dave Hergert

Information Technology